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Shenyang XIZI Aviation

Shenyang Xizi Aviation Manufacturing Base located in Shenbei New District of Shenyang City. The company has composite parts designing, manufacturing and assembly capability.

 We have advantage manufacturing machines and composite testing equipment. 

We have digital measurement, NDT, mechanical testing, physical testing and high temperature testing capability.Shenyang Xizi Aviation had built the quality system according to the international civil aircraft requirements. We passed AS9100C quality system audit and NADCAP audit for the composite special process. We already became the AVIC, COMCA, Boeing, B/E Aerospace and Bombardier’s qualified supplier.

  • 辽宁省工业和信息化委员会赴沈阳西子航空调研

  • “快乐精益之旅”第一期启动授权大会圆满举办

  • 全国工商联军民融合调研组赴沈阳西子航空调研


Tel: +86-24-8979 4025(Receptionist)

Tel: +86-24-8979 4318(Marketing)
Fax: +86-24-8979 4163
Address: No. 76-32 Shenbei Road,Shenbei New District, Shenyang,Liaoning,110136,China
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