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Headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, XIZI UHC is a large enterprise group that spans across multiple industries, with manufacturing as the core. The businesses include elevator and elevator components, boiler, aerospace, parking system, crane, steel structure, real estate, commerce, finance agriculture and investment. In 2017, XIZI UHC is listed as one of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises. The sales revenue reaches 26.9 billion and the number of employees is close to 10 thousand.

Valuing cooperation and following the strategy of stressing research and development, manufacturing, and service, XIZI UHC has created success in respective Chinese markets for escalators, elevator components, parking systems and waste heat boilers.

XIZI UHC builds up several independent technology research and development centers to support the research and development of core technologies and the implementation of innovative practices in energy conservation and emission reduction. They have successfully developed high efficient permanent magnetic synchronized gearless elevator motor, Obtain qualifications for manufacturing of key aircraft parts and build the foundation for expansion of aviation business, led the standard making and application of waste heat boiler technologies in China, and applied energy saving technologies in XIZI UHC Building.

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